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6:28 PM

Buyer Encounters

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Aside from renting out inflatables for kiddie parties and events through my Jared Inflatables site, I also sell stuffs online through my Love Shoppe by Chi store. I also list items in eBay.

I import stuffs - mainly bags, wallets, tees, sandals, and kiddie stuffs - and I sell them here. The fastest to sell are the bags and wallets, especially Liz Claiborne and XOXO stuffs. They sell fast that I always forget to leave one item for myself... Huhuhu.

So let me share some experiences I had with this endeavor.

Story 1:

A buyer inquires about a bag. She asked me: "Sis, sa tingin mo di sya maliit for me?"

I really hope I have super powers to see her and be able to tell her if a bag is small for her.

Story 2:

A buyer paid for a bag. She tells me: "Sis, ship mo today ha and make sure I receive it tomorrow morning, half-day kasi kami sa office."

Sana rin I own the courier company so I can tell them to prioritize my shipment and deliver it first thing in the morning. Whew!

Story 3:

Buyer already bought 3 bags from me. Then she wants to buy another bag but she said she'll pay for it in a week's time. The trusting person that I am, I shipped the bag to her without the payment, relying on her word that she'll send the payment in a week's time. And yes you guess right! I did not receive payment for more than a month. She canceled her multiply account and she did not answer any of my phone calls. Yes, it's my fault! So, lesson learned: never ship an item without payment!

Story 4:

Buyer bought a Buster Brown Lightning McQueen Clogs for his son. Before I ship the item I texted her the exact measurement of Size 10 and 11. I told her Size 10 would fit her son based on the foot measurement she texted to me. But she said she'll get the Size 11 para may allowance. I sent Size 11. A day after she received the item, she texted me that she'll replace the size 11 with size 10. Sabi ko na eh! I said, it's alright as long as the tag is intact. Unfortunately, nawala na daw yung tag and she went,

"Sis, nawala na yung tag eh, pakitanggal na lang din yung tag nung sa Size 10, ok lang kahit wala ng tag i-send mo."

Oh well, she didn't seem to get my point. : )

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