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This is it! December 23, 2009!

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Finally, our wedding date is set on December 23, 2009. It used to be December 23, 2008 but did not push through due to an issue with my father. So finally, he gave his blessings when we asked him January 2009. As long as it is December 23, I am happy!

Wedding preps mode again! I started wedding preps way back in 2007, for the 2008 wedding. Has been a w@wie since then. So now that I am back on my wedding preparations, I kind of already have an idea of suppliers I like.

Jardonyx and I, together with our son Jared, are now ready to face the Lord and give our commitment to love and cherish each other, to love and take care of our family, and to strengthen our faith to Him. "HE" know how much we wanted this from the very beginning, after more than three years since our son was born, the plans of marriage is now starting to unfold.

I think the three years of living together now makes us a hundred and one percent sure that we are the "one" for each other. Not that I am advising you to do the same, it's not a walk in the park and we sure did face a lot of challenges along the way. Those challenges made us stronger as a couple.

The exciting part now is the preparations for the BIG DAY! I see our wedding as the BIGGEST project I'll ever handle. It's the best time to be "OC," oh yeah! The wedding day is the culmination of all the hard work during the wedding preparations. It's not really just the wedding day for me, it's the whole experience of preparing for it.

This is oh so exciting!

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