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Wedding Venue Choices

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I have my eyes on Manila Cathedral for the ceremony. Architecture is great and this is I think the most famous church in the country. I love their long aisle.

The Manila Cathedral administration does not accept reservation fee payment until the couple has attended their orientation - scheduled every Saturday. We visited the MC office last January and we pencil booked for the 3pm slot on December 23, 2009. We are scheduled to attend the orientation January 24. Rates of MC then are P28000 with aircon and P18000 no aircon. P8000 reservation fee required.

Our next agenda was to see the reception venues near MC. Our shortlist includes Villa Immaculada and La Castellana. We want an indoor reception so that our unpredictable weather won't be one of our worries.

First stop is La Castellana.

Located just behind Manila Cathedral. I was almost certain to book this venue based on the photos. But when I saw it, I didn't feel it was the venue for us.

PROS: Very new. Interiors are good. Very convenient if ceremony is in MC. Owner is very nice.
CONS: L-shape. No aircon. I feel there's no sufficient space.

Rental rate is P60,000 on weekends and P50,000 on weekdays.

Second stop, Villa Immaculada.

Located at the back of Manila Cathedral. Exclusively managed by Tamayo's Catering. I also almost booked this venue because it's the most convenient venue for us if ceremony is at MC.

PROS: They have wedding packages, Tamayo's catering is known for serving great tasting food, Airconditioned

CONS: Looks old, Villa Immaculada hall is small for 300 guests. I saw a wedding with 200 guests and I think it's crowded na. Package starts at around P180,000 for 200 guests.

So, we left Intramuros confused. Not one of the reception venue gave us the "this is it!" feeling.

Then we thought of checking out Fernbrook Gardens. It's just a 15-minute drive from our place.

We went straight to Fernbrook after our Intramuros trip. Our Fernbrook ocular in my next blog.

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