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Fernbrook Gardens it is!

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I learned about Fernbrook Gardens in Portofino South, Daang Reyna, New Alabang for the first time in 2007. They were already accepting bookings even if Fernbrook was still under construction.

Their rate was almost P100,000 for an evening event back then. So, I told myself, this is waaaayyy out of my budget! It was not practical to spend P100,000 for a day's use of a venue.

Then we came back to Fernbrook Gardens after our Intramuros ocular. We were amazed at how it shaped up. It's majestic and grand.

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PROS: Great architecture. Definitely the hottest wedding venue today. Convenient because ceremony and reception venue are in one place.

CONS: Construction of 5 more venues are on the way, soundproofing not yet fully operational - hopefully by December, it is! River inexistent. The Gondola is there though. Super duper expensive.

THE VERDICT: We booked them last January 24, 2009 and opted to pay in full to get more freebies. We got Victorian 2 (300 to 350 guests cap) for P170,000 net. The freebies we got on top of their standard freebies are Aircon for Notre Dame de Vie Chapelle (normally costs P5,000), 4 lighted dance panels (normally costs P15,000), and Bridal limo or bentley (normally costs P15,000). That's P35,000 worth of savings for full payment. We also got a little discount because our wedding is a weekday.

My Account Executive: Cherry Cruz

So far, she's been helpful with my queries. Medyo mahirap lang mahagilap. But that's ok, my wedding is still 10 months away!

In hindsight, we never thought of spending this much for just the wedding venue. But just the same, we did. Mainly because when we got there, we felt the "this is it!" feeling. We would've just settled for just "our wedding"... but after booking Fernbrook Gardens, "our dream wedding" is now under the works. After all, I have no plans of getting married again after this! Hehehe : )

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